Amanda Jones: Missing From Hillsboro For 5 Years

It’s a cold case that still haunts a Jefferson County community. Amanda Jones vanished without a trace on an August afternoon. Now, after five years of dead end leads, her family wonders if they’ll ever have closure. Amanda’s family is sure they know who is responsible for her disappearance, but investigators say they don’t have the evidence to make an arrest.

It’s frustrating to her family because Amanda’s now 9-year-old daughter wants to know what happened to her mommy.

Time has faded the flyer on the back window of Bertha Propst’s car. “I want her found,” said Propst.

But five years later, the search for Amanda Jones has lead to nothing but heartache. “I want answers about my daughter,” said Propst.

Lt. Dave Marshack of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department said, “We want resolution on this case.”

Amanda disappeared on August 14, 2005.

She was nine months pregnant and going to Hillsboro to meet the man she believed was the father of her unborn baby boy.

“They say everything they try comes right back to him, then why not get his butt in there and do some more investigating?” asked Propst.

Initially, investigators identified that man as a “person of interest.” They even did a limited search of his Hillsboro property.

400 leads were also investigated. Then the case went cold.

“There is no evidence to convict anybody of this crime,” said Lt. Marshack.

Prayers circle and vigils used to mark the anniversary of Amanda’s disappearance. Then the support stopped.

“You have people tell you to let it go and move on with your life, but that is hard to do until you have closure. The businesses will no longer let us put up posters,” said Propst.

Not ready to be silenced, family and friends took their search to Facebook.

Prayers and pleas for answers are written on its wall, along with thoughts of sympathy for Amanda’s now 9-year-old daughter.

“If we didn’t have her, I don’t know if we could go on. She’s in the fourth grade,” said Propst. She’s a spitting image of her young mother.

The Propst’s don’t know if they’ll ever learn the truth, but they won’t stop trying. “That is still in my heart, thinking she may still be here. I don’t want to face the fact she may not be, but whichever case it may be, I think we deserve to know.” said Propst.

There is a $100,000 reward for any information that can help close this case.


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