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  1. I was living in Festus at the time of Amanda’s disappearance. I am always thinking of Amanda, and hope that some information makes it’s way to the right person so that she can be found and returned to her family. I wish you all peace. I lost my son 2 years ago, and it has been agony. I am praying for you all to find some answers. God Bless You!!!

    IF ANYONE KNOWS ANYTHING!!!! Do the right thing! There is no pain like the pain of losing a child. No matter how old they are when they die! Shame on you if you know what happened to her and haven’t opened your mouth. THAT is a COWARDLY thing to do. You are ONLY as good as your moral foundation, and if you hurt her, or if you know who did, or what happened to her and fail to open your mouth about it you are worthless.

  2. Amanda, I pray that you will once again be with your family and friends. Someone needs to speak up and let everyone know where you and that precious baby are. May the Lord hold her family in the palm of his hand and watch over them until you are found.

  3. Amanda, I did not know you personally but I had the privilege of meeting your parents, Bertha and Hugh, a few years ago. For all of us that have missing children, I hope we have resolution and strength. We need to keep our faith that God’s plan for our lives will be revealed one day. . Judy Tilley

  4. Mandy,
    With the holiday’s coming up it makes it harder not haveing you here or knowing what happen to you and baby Hayden. Today is your sister’s birthday and she misses you so much. We are praying for a mircile to happen, seven years is way to long. God please here our prayers and send us a miricle.

  5. We all know who did it and some how his time will be coming soon. He will some how mess up and his time will come. Like they say “what goes around, comes around” I have found out that this is so true! One day your family WILL get justice and you will be found!!!!

  6. As I ponder the events of this day, I pray for your family to have peace, comfort, and that they know that God is in control. We will never give up searching for you and hope, that in Gods time, the truth will be revealed.

  7. Thinking of you! Wishing a safe return—-you are in our thoughts and prayers………Amanda and baby Hayden!
    God knows what happened and he will take care of everything. It’s a shame bad things happen—-what a world we live in.
    Take care! Hope you get answers soon.

  8. Amanda I have known you for many years as you bowled with my grandpa and you always gave me some of the best advice whenever i was pregnant with Bradley. My heart aches for you and baby Hayden everyday and Hannah too. I cant believe that i have known you for 9 plus years and here I am now moving in with your brother and having a baby with him or in the words of Brian and your daddy babies. i know if you were here with us today you would be so ecstatic and excited just like carrie is o,er this baby. Hannah has become my little buddy because she has spent three days helping me pack all your brothers stuff. one day i hope and pray that we will all find the long awaited answers that we so desperately deserve. we love you and we miss you everydat amanda and hayden and we will never give up

  9. Amanda and Hayden: Mommy, Daddy, Hannah, Brian and Carrie have not forgotten you. We love and miss you so very much. Others may have forgotten of given up but not us, never. We will get answers if it takes to the day we die. Our hearts break ever day you are gone. Our hugs and kisses we send out to you both. xxoo we love you.

  10. I am so dissapointed that more of Amanda’s friends have not signed this guest book for her and Hayden. YES, friends they are still missing and need all the help we can get to find them. Please do not let Bryan Lee Westfall of Stephaine A Votrain have the upper hand. We need to let them know that Amanda’s friends and family are still bound together and are not giving up untill they are found and justice is served. I know you all love her as we do, so please take a minute and sign this guest book. Thank you all!!! Amanda and Hayden we love you, miss you and are praying GOD send us answers.

  11. Prayers go out to her family, such a terrible tragity. Prayers go out for Amanda also, in a safe return to your family, or at least a closer for them. The not knowing has got to be the worst. I have a 26 year old daugther also, I can’t even imagine what they must be going thru, my heart breaks for them.

  12. Bert, Hugh, and family,
    I hope and pray that you get answers. Although I can’t imagine what you have been through (and are still going through), my heart goes out to you and your family. May you find comfort in knowing that God cares, and that even though your friends have a hard time expressing it, and many times just don’t know what to say, we care deeply. Faith, hope, and love – that is your testimony. I love you

  13. Amanda, I miss you so much every day! So much has happened in the last few years, I wish you were here talk to & to help me through the pain. You were always there when I needed someone. You were the best friend I could have ever asked for, I miss you dearly. Some day, hopefully soon, we will have some answers. Your family, especially Hannah, need them. I love & miss you so much.

  14. I pray that we get answers from the Lord about Amanda and Hayden. We miss her
    and have a burden that won’t go away. We miss her smile and laugh. All we get are
    rumors and more question. Have mercy on our family, oh Lord.

  15. I’m not sure if i ever know you because i’m not from here, But i do know people you went to school with and i feel for all of them, But most of all your little girl that needs to know what happen to her mommy i know here pain, my dad walked out of my life when i was just 11 i know where he is now after 31 one years he is still alive. But still does not want anything to do with me. And the not know why this happen just never goes away. I know that you did not just walk away from her with your free will and i hope that who ever has you or did something to you will get whats coming to him and her very soon. I pray for your Family and Friends to get answers soon.

  16. Wow to the ppl that created this, Thank you! You are keeping the word out there that she is still missing. We all love and miss her and want her and Hayden to both come home safe and sound.

    Amanda your family and friend love you and miss you. We will never give up.

  17. Amanda,
    Mommy, Daddy, Hannah, Brian and Carrie will never give up looking for you. Our hearts break every day you are not with us. We love and miss you very much. The unknowen is worse than death, we need to find you and get answers.

  18. Amanda, Mommy, Daddy, Hannah, Brian and Carrie will never give up on finding you and baby Hayden. We love and miss you so much, our hearts break each and every day you are not here. It is one loss to lose you to death but it is harder to loss you to the unknowen, this is worse than death.

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